Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brotha 2 Brotha -- Becoming Healthy Men from the Inside Out

Brotha 2 Brotha – Becoming Healthy Men from the Inside Out by W. Eric Croomes provides a clear roadmap, complete with biblical references, to help African-American men of all ages contend with the forces that can keep them from achieving their personal best. Brotha 2 Brotha takes on several perspectives as it examines obstacles unique to black males in our communities. Its approach is not only biblical, spiritual and philosophical, it most importantly offers practicality in getting to the heart of the matter. Historically, literature and self-help books dealing with problems unique to black males have looked to external forces such as legal and social constraints as the root cause of various problems. A rigorous self-examination, according to Croomes, is the essential foundation for making true progress in this life. Croomes examines in great depth the relationship of David and Goliath to illustrate how mountains can be moved and wars can be won by mastering one’s self. The one aspect of his book Brotha 2 Brotha I found most striking are the guidelines he sets forth in his checklist for survival, as survival is the all-important first step in reaching higher ground. I highly recommend this book to both men and women, but particularly to men’s groups, pastors, educators and parents as a means of facilitating meaningful dialogue and action on both the personal and community plane to improve the lives of black men and society as a whole.

Chandra Adams
North Bay Media Review


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